Withdrawing money from Prosper.com

I haven’t written about Prosper.com since April 2006. It seems like nothing much has changed and they still have the very slow ACH funding timeline and you still can only withdraw cash in amounts larger than $25.

Some how I feel that they do not take customers’ feedback seriously, quite unlike Sogoinvest which changed its ACH funding timeline within a matter of weeks based on customers’ feedback.

Anyway, I still have one loan of $100 (now paid down to $83.29) left; the other loan was paid off by the borrower early. Every three months or so, I would have a balance of $11 or so from the loan payments sitting there doing nothing.

As a transfer has a minimum of $25 each time, what I have done so far to get the $11 out is to first transfer in $25 and then transfer out $36. It is troublesome but it works.


Hopefully, the borrower will pay off the loan earlier and I can rid myself of this trouble soon.

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