Boglehead’s investing reference library

The Bogleheads forum, formerly known as the Vanguard Diehards forum, has, in a very short time, accumulated a very good collection of investing articles in the reference library. This is attributed to the hard work of ‘librarians’ Barry Barnitz (who blogs on The Financial Page and Asset Allocation) and ‘gbs’, as well as many other Bogleheads.

You will be surprised by the amount of information covered. For a start, here is a list of topics in the library:

Table of Contents

A. Glossary
B. Investing: For Beginners
C. Books
D. Academic Research Links
E. About Vanguard and its Founder

II.Asset Allocation
A. Asset Allocation
B. Asset Location
C. Risk, uncertainty and behavioral pitfalls

III.Asset Classes

A. Equity
(a.) US Stocks
(b.) International Stocks
(c.) REITS
(d.) International REITS

B.Fixed Income
(a.) Bonds
(b.) TIPS
(c.) High Yield Bonds
(d.) Convertible Bonds

C. Alternative
(a.) Commodities

IV.Portfolio Management
A. Active vs. Passive Investing
B. Taxable account investing
(a.) ETF
C. Retirement and tax deferred investing
D. Rebalancing
E. Withdrawal Strategies

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