Bought VWO during after-hours with Wells Trade

I submitted a limit order to purchase VWO (Vanguard’s Emerging Market ETF) at $92.40 late in the day with Wells Trade (Wells Fargo’s brokerage). The order was not filled by the closing bell (13:00 PST). At 13:02, I checked the order status page, and saw that the order status was changed from “Open” to “Expired”. I thought that was the end of the order, or so I thought.

At 13:17, I received an online notification email informing me that my order was filled. I was surprised because as far as I know, Wells Trade does *not* support before- and after-hours trading.

I checked the order status and the trading history. The following are what I saw:



Apparently, my order was filled in the after-hours trading at around 13:13. I know that sometimes day orders continued to be filled a few minutes after the closing bell, but I have never heard that a day order would still be filled 13 minutes after the closing bell. It seems like something strange is going on here.


  1. John

    I had something similar happen to me, you ever find out what happened? BTW, what program is that you use in your screenshot?

  2. indexfundfan (Post author)

    John, I use a program called FastStone Capture.


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