List of interesting ETF tickers

Here are the tickers of some ETFs which I found particularly interesting or meaningful :

BIL — SPDR Lehman 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF.

BND — Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF.

CUT — Claymore / Clear Global Timber ETF. You wanna CUT down a tree?

GLD — Gold ETF streetTRACKS Gold Shares.

KOL — Coal ETF.

LQD — iShares iBoxx Invest Grade Corp Bond ETF. Need LQUIDITY?

SLV — Silver Trust ETF.

And the best one for the end :

MOO — Agribusiness ETF. Got Milk?


  1. choozm


    “Your money and your brain” also have some interesting writing on familiar stock tickers: Companies can exploit your preference for the familiar by listing their stocks with catchy ticker symbol. Stocks like MOO or GEEK or KAR tend to outperform those with unpronounceable symbols like LXK or PHM.

    Actually this is related to “home bias” that we tend to associate familiarity with safety.

  2. Ted

    LUV = Southwest Airlines

    Goes back to their beginning at Dallas Love field and their heart symbol trademark. Slick.


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