Moved my web hosting out of 1&1

1and1 (1&1) webhost is increasing the hosting fees by 40% from $4.99 per month to $6.99 per month. I made good on my promise to transfer my website out. I have moved the website to Arvixe Personal’s Class hosting which offers “unlimited storage and bandwidth” and includes one domain name registration. I made a one-time payment of $72 for two years, which averages out to be $3 per month. The new price is less than half of 1&1’s new fee.

The following is a review of the process in moving this website ( together with another of my domain away from 1&1’s webhost.

  1. 1&1 : Unlocked the domain from the 1&1 domains control panel (select the domain and click on Transfers -> Lock/Unlock).2009-08-06_unlock
  2. 1&1 : Take note of the Authorization Code (select the domain and click on “Info”).2009-08-06_auth_code2
  3. 1&1 : Made sure the email address under Contact -> Show Contact Details is reachable by test sending an email to this address. As long as this email address is reachable, there is NO need to disable private registration on 1&1 if you don’t want to. Note: some other registrars’ whois protection does not forward emails to the listed contact; in which case the only option is to disable the whois protection.
  4. Arvixe : Signed up for the Personal Class hosting at and specified that I am transferring a domain over. Provide the transfer authorization code obtained in Step 2 to Arvixe.
  5. Arvixe : An authorization for transfer email will be initiated by Arvixe (eNom, Inc). This is sent to the contact information listed in Step 3, so a reachable email address in Step 3 is essential. Approved the transfer by following the instructions in the email.2009-08-21_Universal Registrar Transfer
  6. 1&1 and Arvixe : I installed the latest version of WordPress and created an empty MySQL database on Arvixe. I then exported the WordPress MySQL database from 1&1 and imported into Arvixe. I then transferred the site-specific files (images, theme files etc) over.
  7. 1&1 (this step is optional) : I changed the DNS away from 1&1 (e.g. and pointed it to those provided by Arvixe (e.g. (select the domain and click on DNS -> Edit DNS Settings). What this does is that while 1&1 still has my domain name, any request to the website would now go to the new Arvixe servers). It takes about 24 hours for this change to be propagated throughout the internet.
  8. Five days later, the domain name was transferred successfully.
  9. 1&1 : Finally, go to to cancel the 1and1 hosting. If you don’t do this, 1and1 will continue charging you, and if your credit card doesn’t go through, they will send your account to collection.

Keywords: review of domain transfer, 1&1, 1and1, Arvixe.


  1. mirko

    You did good. It won’t just save you money it will also save you headaches. 1&1 absolutely sucks. Make sure you have canceled properly because you will hear from their collections company.

  2. Joyce Clover

    1&1 internet really sucks. Hmm.


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