Portfolio Return for April 2010

Comment: My portfolio caught up with the benchmark due to the heavy dose of PrecMetal equity, which outperform significantly in the month.


  1. BBMak

    Can you recommend me a discount brokers, except Scottrade and TD Ameritrade because I have these 2 accounts already. Currently, one of my brokers, Merrill Edge increases the fees, and I want to transfer out of that account. First, I have thought about Tradeking, but after reading your blog, I want to reconsider about it. If you have any good recommendation, please let me know. Thank you very much.

  2. indexfundfan (Post author)

    Currently, I have two active brokerage accounts for my taxable investments — Vanguard and eOption.com.

    I trade all Vanguard ETFs with Vanguard because they are commission-free. About anything else I use eOption, which offers $3 per trade with unlimited shares.

    You could also check out OptionsHouse.com. I have read good reviews on them.

  3. BBMak

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    Do you know the optionhouse.com cover the Transfer Fees? I have checked out their site, but I don’t see any thing about covering the transfer fee.

    So, is that mean that you are not using Tradeking anymore?

  4. indexfundfan (Post author)

    BBMak, yes I dumped Tradeking shortly after I was able to transfer out my remaining holdings.

    Looking at the OH website, I think they do cover transfer fees up to $100 (ACAT rebate):


    It appears they are also offering free trades.

    It’s always best to shoot their customer service an email to clarify everything before submitting the application.

  5. BBMak

    Thank you so much again. You are right. It is always good to read all the terms before sign up. It is lucky that I haven’t submit my transfer form yet to TK. I guess I just close the account of TK.

    Yes, I saw that in promotion. I would probably call them on Monday to clarify some of the terms and questions. I don’t really mind about the free-trade but I want a reliable discounted broker with great customer support.

    $2.95 a trade makes me feel unsecured broker, not sure are there any catches come with it? Funny feeling


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