Personal Finance

Fidelity 529 college rewards credit card

2006-03-27-fidelity529card.gifI received the Fidelity 529 college rewards credit card earlier this month. I think for parents setting up a 529 College Plan, this credit card offers a fantastic deal and it is one of the rare credit cards that gives you 2% back on practically anything you charge to the card. In addition, it also offers you online Bill Payment service which lets you pay many merchants including even your mortgage or electric bill, companies that traditionally do not accept credit cards. Although for these payments no reward points are earned, you can still benefit by enjoying the additional float on the money that you otherwise would have to pay earlier.

I just hope that MBNA would not pull the plug on this card after the recent merger with Bank of America.

International money transfer options

I have been looking at various international money transfer options. The following three looks interesting:

Xe seems to be using the transfer services of Custom House and I came across OrderWires from a Google Ad. Another option is to use Citibank’s online international wire service at $30 a pop.

Recently, Washington Mutual introduced a FREE checking account that is supposed to provide FREE domestic and international wire services. That might be another viable cheap option.