Portfolio Updates

Portfolio return for February 2007

The last week of February 2007 saw a “tiny” correction in the equity markets worldwide. I say “tiny” because my portfolio’s value is not impacted too negatively; in fact it still managed to eke out a 0.01% gain 🙂 for the month. Year-to-date-wise, the portfolio is up by 1.44%.


However, if we look at the performance of the individual asset classes, we can see much more volatility, as shown in the following figure. Asset classes which tumbled the most include emerging market equities, U.S. REITs and precious metal and mining equities. The relatively stability of the entire portfolio is testament to the benefits of proper asset class diversification.


Portfolio summary for 2006

2006 had been a good year for the equities portion of my portfolio. Most of the equity asset classes had double-digit returns. Against all expectations (“real estate market is going to crash”), the best return came from REITs at 35.07%. This was followed closely by the Precious Metals and Mining fund at 34.3%.


International equities outperformed US equities in general. Also worth noting is that US large-caps and US small-caps had similar returns, probably ready to reverse the trend of the outperformance of US small-caps over the past few years.

Healthcare equities in general performed relatively poorly in 2006, dragging down the performance of my portfolio. Fixed income assets had their typical “boring” performance for the year.

The breakdown of my portfolio over the past few years is shown below: