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The following are some of the free online investing resources (mostly books or tools) which I found useful. If you know of any good ones, please let me know so that I can add them to the list. Thanks.

Serious Money – Straight Talk about Investing for Retirement by Richard A. Ferri explains why stockbrokers, investment firms, financial consultants and the mass media do not always have your best interests at heart. In this hard hitting book, author Richard Ferri takes the investment industry to task for spending too much effort on selling and too little on meeting the needs of serious investors.

The dark secret is that managers do not beat the markets. In fact, markets outperform active investors by a substantial margin over long periods of time. This book (Index Funds : The 12-Step Program, The 2005 Edition) will prove this point and show you how you can obtain your optimal rate of return by matching your risk capacity to an appropriate risk exposure. That risk exposure is a portfolio of index funds that is periodically rebalanced.

Frank Armstrong provides our visitors with valuable tools to help them make intelligent investment decisions. Frank has drawn on his years of experience as a portfolio manager and investment counselor to write Investment Strategies for the 21st Century, the first investment book ever published on the Internet.

Easy Allocator is an interesting tool created by Diehard Nick (yobria) for performing asset allocation planning. It includes the following asset classes: commodities, foreign bonds, REIT, overweight value/small, micro-cap stock, equal weight Europe/Pacific/Emerging markets, equal weight Pacific rim and foreign small-cap. The popular portfolios like the Coffeehouse, Bernstein-4 and the Couch Potato are included as well. It even includes a forecast of portfolio performance.

Paul K, wrote the online book “Investment Guide” to help an investor to

  • Implement the five essentials of investing,
  • Understand and manage risk,
  • Evaluate and select mutual funds,
  • Recognize and control the devastating effects of cost,
  • Develop and write an Investment Policy Statement,
  • Evaluate and choose an Investment Advisor, and
  • Locate a large collection of reference material.

“Before beginning on any long journey, it is important to make a good plan to maximize the chances of success. It is the same with investing – it is prudent to make an appropriate investment plan so that it can guide the investor though the investing journey. This article attempts to address the basic steps to making an investment plan and constructing an appropriate asset allocation.” — taken from Making an investment plan (PDF 107 kB), which I wrote in August 2005 for investors in the Singapore context. PDF file (107 kB) is available.

Vanguard’s How to create your investment plan : “You have financial goals. You want to save for retirement, a child’s education, or a new house. But attaining any goal requires more than just saving regularly. You need to make sound investment decisions—decisions you can make now.”

FinPlan825 is another web site that “consolidates select lists of books and Web-site resources for personal financial planning including learning about diversified asset allocation investing, index funds, and personal investment portfolio management.” I particularly like its collection of Model Asset Allocation Portfolios, which include portfolios from Armstrong, Bernstein, Coffehouse, AAII, Swedroe, and Malkiel, just to name a few.


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