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2006-08-01-cobian-backup.jpgPreviously, I wrote about using Mozy as a free offsite backup service. However, due to privacy and security concerns, I am encrypting my files before they are uploaded offsite.

One free backup program which offers strong encryption is Cobian Backup. The program is quite easy to use and if you encounter problems, the author has a support forum and is quite responsive to questions. Click on the thumbnail to see a screenshot from the program.


  1. choozm

    Does this backup program run in the background with asking any password? I assume the password is entered once and stored (with encryption I hope) in your PC…

    I am looking for automatic encryption of files too. The solution I find is to run scheduled normal backup to grab the files, then run scheduled GPG command line to encrypt the ZIP file using a public key, so that no password is stored or entered. The encrypted ZIP can only be opened using a password-protected private key stored elsewhere. Well, may be this is overkill.

  2. indexfundfan

    The backup program can be set to run in the background to backup automatically. According to the author, “Sensitive settings as passwords are now stored in the ini file using strong encryption”. You only need to enter the password once.

    Your public/private key combination is probably more secure, as long as you can find a good/secure place to store the secure key and made sure it will be retrievable in case of disaster.

    There is another program, which can “mirror” files — the mirrored files can be automatically encrypted. This program is called “Genie Backup”. I believe it can also automatically backup to a ftp server. I am actually thinking of getting of signing up for one of the cheap servers, like just for the backup space.

    Do you backup your files offsite?

  3. choozm

    I have tried Cobian Backup v8. It also has the public/private key encrpytion that I want but the normal AES symmetric encryption is also good enough for me. In fact, Cobian Backup has pretty much what I need.

    Currently I backup sys and doc partitions as disk image once a few weeks, if I rememeber. Then burn them to DVD but it is stored onsite. So using Cobian Backup with Mozy sounds good to me.

    Have you started to use FTP for backup?

  4. indexfundfan

    No on the ftp. I currently did not have access to a server with a large enough disk space to do my backup.


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