Portfolio return for March 2008

My portfolio posted a negative 0.2% for the the month of March. This is pretty much in line with the target benchmark return of -0.39%, which is a 50:50 split between the Vanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Growth fund and the Vanguard LifeStrategy Gowth fund.


There were a few dividend distributions in March so the price movements of the funds shown below would not indicate fully the investment gain/loss. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that US REITs had a good month whereas Precious metals / mining equity (PME) and Emerging Market equity had a poor month. The rest of the asset classes were essentially flat.

Major events: Precious metals / mining equity had a steep drop (~7%) on 3/19.


Portfolio movements: Simplified my portfolio by eliminating the healthcare allocation. This previous 5% allocation were moved to US L (2%), INT L (2%) and PME (1%). My target allocation remains at 70% equity and 30% fixed income. My equity targets are now:

  • US L : 17% (mostly in VTSAX, also in MIEZX)
  • US S : 10% (mostly in VTMSX, also in BRSIX, MGRFX)
  • US REITs : 5% (mostly in VGSIX, also in VNQ)
  • INT L : 17% (mostly in VTMGX, also in VEA, VEURX, VPACX, TEPLX)
  • INT EM : 10% (mostly in VEIEX, also in VWO)
  • INT S : 5% (mostly in VINEX, also in DLS)
  • PME : 6% (mostly in VGPMX, also in XME)

The secondary funds shown above (“also in …”) are there either because they were the “least expensive” funds in my 401(k) or because of legacy / tax reasons.

The current allocation is shown below:



  1. nathan

    Just wondering what program you are using for your portfolio analysis?

  2. indexfundfan (Post author)

    nathan, please read this POST.

  3. nathan



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