Portfolio Return for August 2009

2009-09-03_Portfolio Return

2009-09-03_Asset Allocation


Portfolio continues to recover. Sold off some US REITs to rebalance after their huge run up over the past few months.


  1. Guzzo

    I’m just about back where I was before the crash. How about you? Looks like you may be in the same position.

  2. indexfundfan (Post author)

    Guzzo, I lost 28% in 2008. The gain this year so far is 18%. (1-0.28)*(1+0.18) = 0.85. I suppose I am still down by about 15% from the end of 2007.

    I cannot look at the absolute numbers because I have been making contributions throughout this period.

  3. Guzzo

    Oh, I wasn’t looking for precise numbers, just a guesstimate.

    We know the markets can change in an instant and gains could easily become losses, but guesstimate-wise and including my continued DCAing, it’s nice to be back in the “plus” column.


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