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Should I add commodities to my portfolio?

The big debate of the benefits of adding CCF (collateralized commodities futures) funds to a portfolio continues on the Diehards forum (48981). As for myself, I had previously bought PCRIX as part of my Precious Metal / Commodity asset class allocation but decided to eliminate it due to difficulties in re-balancing and performing DCA (PCRIX is a transaction-fee fund at VBS). I replaced it with VGPMX instead.

The new ETF DBC sounds interesting but I would defer any consideration until the expense ratio is lowered to at least below 0.8%.

International money transfer options

I have been looking at various international money transfer options. The following three looks interesting:

Xe seems to be using the transfer services of Custom House and I came across OrderWires from a Google Ad. Another option is to use Citibank’s online international wire service at $30 a pop.

Recently, Washington Mutual introduced a FREE checking account that is supposed to provide FREE domestic and international wire services. That might be another viable cheap option.